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Sometimes perseverance comes in the form of small victories; sometimes those victories are epic. This screening block highlights films with victories both small and large.
It's year five and we want to highlight those creators who continue to entertain with new seasons and new series. The block focuses on Minnesota WebFest alumni from around the world.
Stories of love and romance.
Sketch Comedies
We combine into a single category the concepts of documentary series which seek to document a topic and inform with reality series that seek to entertain or inform by showing us events as they occur.
A little bit of sad and a heck of a lot of funny. The selections in this block reflect the strangeness of a world without giving into the gloom.
We have a lot of great documentary/reality content this year. In this screening block, we highlight those shows that can help you learn more about the world in which we live.
A Direct Selection is a series selected to Minnesota WebFest directly through a partner festival. Direct selections tend to highlight the talent of a particular region in the world.
Get comfortable on the edge of your seats, because the podcasts in this block will keep you guessing every step of the way.
Dramatic Series
This screening block showcases all of the official selections in our pilots category. Catch the episodes designed to make you watch to watch more.
Comedic Pilots
Our selections targeted at families, late teens, and young adults. Note that some content in this screening block deals with common high school and college themes and thus is not suitable for young children.
Do you want to laugh? Do you want to cry? A good dramedy might make you do both. This block contains our selections that use humor to move through a dramatic storyline.
The world premiere for Hidden Falls will take place at Minnesota WebFest on September 25, 2021. Can't make it? Catch the series online in this special screening block.
It's year five and we want to highlight those creators who continue to entertain with new seasons and new series. The block focuses on Minnesota WebFest alumni from the United States.
It's 2020
This special screening block runs concurrently while these same shows are being screened in-person at Minnesota WebFest 2021 in the Minnetonka Room at Radisson Blu Mall of America. The in-person event will be followed by a live Q&A that will be simulcast after the in-person screenings.
This screening block contains all series that are being considered for our two separate "Best in Fest" categories: "BEST OF THE WORLD" and "BEST OF THE UNITED STATES". The winners of these two awards along with the winner of BEST OF MINNESOTA will be receiving something more than a trophy this year. Tune into the awards ceremony to learn more!
The core objective of Minnesota WebFest is to highlight talent and works from Minnesota. This screening block contains a mix of podcasts and web series created by Minnesotans and/or created in Minnesota.
Documentary and Reality Series
Fantasy Series
Though most people think of the pilot as the first episode of a series, it can be any episode designed to make people want to watch more. The purpose of the pilot can be to help the creators raise money or get other support for doing a complete season. Sometimes the goal of the pilot of simply to raise interest in a season that is about to be release. In this virtual screening block, watch the short-form (less than 15 minutes) pilots from our pilots competition.
Dramatic Pilots
This block includes our narrative fantasy podcasts, but excludes actual play podcasts.
Science fiction is a popular genre for podcasting and this block contains all of our official selection podcasts from the sci-fi realm.
A great dramatic work tells a story that hits the audience with a range of emotions and multiple layers of story-telling. This block contains our selection of dramatic web series.
Love science fiction and fantasy? This block contains our complete lineup of science fiction and fantasy web series.
Minnesota WebFest spotlights our home-grown talent! Take a look at the series made by Minnesota filmmakers or made in Minnesota.
Though most people think of the pilot as the first episode of a series, it can be any episode designed to make people want to watch more. The purpose of the pilot can be to help the creators raise money or get other support for doing a complete season. Sometimes the goal of the pilot of simply to raise interest in a season that is about to be release. In this virtual screening block, watch the long-form (greater than 15 minutes) pilots from our pilots competition.
Comedy is always the most competitive awards category at Minnesota WebFest as it is the most robust genre in the web series world. This block contains our selection of comedy web series for 2022.
General Comedies
Podcasts in this block document aspects of our world either through direct observation or retelling.
A dramatic podcast will weave an emotional storyline that moves the listener. This block contains our selection of dramatic podcasts.s
We have combined two similar genres into one for 2022 to focus on the ability to create a sense of suspense using the web series format. The shows in this block keep you guessing and will surprises and/or scare you as you wander down its halls.
Our Family Podcasts selections contain a range of podcasts from those specifically aimed at kids to podcasts that entertain the whole family.
Science Fiction Series
With a trailer, a team has 1 minute--maybe 2--to get your attention and make you want to binge the entire series. This screening block includes all of our selections for this year who have submitted their trailers into the trailer competition.
An Actual Play Podcast is a style of podcast in which the podcasters engage in a real role-playing scenario for your entertainment. This block contains the 2022 Actual Play Official Selections for Minnesota WebFest.
Ghosts, goblins, and assorted ghouls. Or maybe just a dose of pure terror? The podcasts in this block spin tales of the supernatural and scare the listener.
This screening block highlights series that work to preserve languages and cultures that are often cut off by dominant media.
Can't make it to Minnesota? Join us online for a simulcast of the 5th Annual Minnesota WebFest Awards Ceremony. In addition to the presentation of our awards, we also have some special announcements. Hosted by Lori Roovers.
NOTE: The Awards Ceremony will NOT be simulcast this year. We are missing a critical piece of equipment for the simulcast and we apologize that we cannot do as we planned. We will be announcing the winners via social media after the ceremony,
Join us here for the full day of live streaming of all filmmaker Q&A, panels, and talks. See the main schedule for a list of specific topics and times.
We will kickoff Minnesota WebFest 2021 at Crave in the Mall of America. George Reese will give a brief talk to kick things off. Following words from George, a few guest speakers will say a few things with the rest of the evening left to mingle and for filmmakers to get to know each other. There are plenty of locations for us to go afterwards to let the party continue. FOOD AND DRINKS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Please plan on dining here, if possible.
Meredith Burkholder returns to Minnesota WebFest to update us on new research she has been doing in the web series world as part of the Valuing Web Series team. Valuing Web Series is the first multi-country research project on web series, focussing on Australia, Canada and France. The project investigates the value of web series as a form of online screen entertainment characterised by original and diverse content produced by emerging creatives. Please visit the site at and participate in the survey.
Saturday will be filled with panels, keynotes, and screenings. More details to follow here as the specific schedule evolves.
Did you ever want to have a few beers and then throw axes? Now is your chance! After our first full day of watching web series, listening to podcasts, and learning from experts in online entertainment, we will gather at Duluth's Blacklist Brewery.
For those already in Duluth for the Duluth Superior Film Festival or simply arriving the day before Minnesota WebFest, we have a very informal get-together planned for the multipurpose room at the Annex du Nord where many festival participants will be staying. Join us for a BYOB gathering that includes some remarks to kick off the festival.
It's time to celebrate the best of Minnesota WebFest 2022. We kick off the celebration with the Minnesota WebFest purple carpet. Take photos and relax with cocktails before we start our awards ceremony. We recommend an early arrival, as it can become difficult to get your picture taken in the last moments before the Awards Ceremony.
So much has changed for the Minnesota filmmaking landscape in the last 18 months. At the state level and many local levels, filmmakers from Minnesota and around the world have new options for funding projects big and small with Minnesota's great locations and talent pool. Melodie Bahan of MN Film and TV will talk about all of these new opportunities and how you can leverage them.
We have two world premieres from Minnesota WebFest Alonge Hawes this year. Creator of the award winning series BLUE COLLAR HUSTLE and BLACK ON BOTH SIDES, Alonge Hawes will introduce us in this premiere to his new series GOOD BLACK MAN. The premiere will be followed by a Q&A with Mr. Hawes.
Join us for the filmmaker Q&A following the live screenings from our in-person creators. Please be ready to share your questions!
For 2021, our in-person screenings will consist of episodes from series made by creators who are attending the festival. Every show you see on screen this year will be represented by someone. Enjoy the show and be ready to ask some questions!
Marketing is almost always an afterthought for the independent filmmaker. Nevertheless, it is just as important as any other part of the filmmaking progress. Seeka TV VP of Programming and Minnesota WebFest Director George Reese presents best practices for marketing your works and positioning yourself for viewer success. During this talk, we will announce the nominees for the Minnesota WebFest Excellence in Web Series Promotion Award.
Minnesota WebFest Director George Reese formally kicks off our 5th Edition with a short talk about this year's festival and some of the surprises we have in store.
Join us for the highlight networking event of every Minnesota WebFest, our lake cruise. 2023 will be the second year we are on Lake Superior. Attendees include creators from Minnesota WebFest as well as industry attendees from Catalyst and Duluth Superior Film Festival. Our sponsor Seeka TV will provide lunch. A cash bar will also be available.
Join us for the 5th Annual Minnesota WebFest Awards Ceremony. Though the ceremony itself will start promptly at 8pm, we will have a Purple Carpet ceremony from 5:30pm until 7pm just outside of the Minnetonka room. Hosted by Lori Roovers.
Our final event before the Purple Carpet and Awards Ceremony is a screening block of selections from attending creators.
Block #1 kicks off the in-person screenings at Zeitgeist 2 cinemas in downtown Duluth.
We close each year with a lake cruise that shows off one of the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota. This year we tackle the grandest lake of them all: Gichi Gami, also known as Lake Superior. We will leave from the Vista Fleet docks on Harbor Drive and experience the beauty of the North Shore of Lake Superior. If the weather is great, you can experience the entire cruise from the outdoors upper deck. Bad weather? No problem! The lower level is enclosed with windows that will still enable you to take in the views. Lunch will be provided as well as a cash bar. We apologize in advance that the Vista Queen is not a wheelchair accessible ship.
Join us for the 2022 Minnesota WebFest awards ceremony in the Multipurpose Room of the Annex du Nord! You will want to arrive early for the Purple Carpet for pictures and interviews. Hosted by Lori Roovers.
Launch every episode together for binging? Launch one episode per week? How do I integrate my festival strategy into my launch plans? Seeka TV's VP of Programming (and MNWF Director) George Reese will discuss launch strategies for streaming series to answer the questions filmmakers often have around taking their work to market. In addition to the questions above, Reese will touch on issues like how to approach multiple platforms and how a first season differs from launching new seasons.
Join us for photos on the Purple Carpet at the 2021 Minnesota WebFest just prior to the Awards Ceremony. Cash bar is available for drinks.
Join Executive Director Shari Marshik to talk logistics about shooting your next project. Northern Minnesota has amazing (and accessible) financial incentives to shoot in the region. The best part is that they are stackable - which means there are certain expense lines for which you can get up to 75% cash back! Shari will go over what's available, she'll explain the process of applying (in human terms!). We'll also talk a bit about the help and services that are available through the Upper Midwest Film Office, including things to think about while making your budget! This will be an informal format with plenty of time to bring real-world questions about planning your project.
We have two world premieres from Minnesota WebFest Alonge Hawes this year. Creator of the award winning series BLUE COLLAR HUSTLE and BLACK ON BOTH SIDES, Alonge Hawes will introduce us in this premiere to his new series SILVER & GOLD. The premiere will be followed by a Q&A with Mr. Hawes.
The Lake Minnetonka Cruise is a Minnesota WebFest tradition. Board the Isabella from Al and Alma from the Wayzata Depot Docks and see the beauty of the largest lake in the Twin Cities and one of the largest among Minnesota's 11,000+ lakes. Lunch including vegetarian options is provided along with a cash bar. THE BOAT LIVES PROMPTLY AT 11:30.
Few people have the experience in the web series world of Caris Vujcec (The Pepper Project) and Herman Wang (The Spell Tutor, Illuminagents). The two of them have been creating web series for the past 6 years or more, and they have the scars to prove it. This 90 minute session will start with Caris talking about her evolution in creating The Pepper Project--a high-end thriller designed to exceed the quality you'd expect in most Netflix crime dramas and spy thrillers. Then, Herman will talk to you about his scrappy approach to creating sci-fi/fantasy stories, one fan-fic and the other original.
Our second day of programming begins with a two hour screening block at Zeitgeist.
After a short break, our Duluth programming continues with the selections of our second screening block.


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